IES Wien 1959-64 reunion update

October 24-27, 2013

Vienna Stefansdom (St. Stephens Cathedral)

At least 22 members of the the classes of 1959-64 will be at our Vienna reunion, October 24-27, 2013. The following IESers and their significant others have reconfirmed that they will attend the reunion:

Vienna 59-60 Lucia and John Bennhoff
Vienna 60-61 Page Bradham and Ed Kizer
Vienna 60-61 Kay McGinnis, Bob French, Erin McGinnis, David Karoly & 2 grandchildren
Vienna 60-61 Gail Reynolds Natzler
Vienna 60-61 George Trask and Barbara Wybar
Vienna 61-62 Connie Brekken
Vienna 61-62 Reade and David Dornan
Vienna 61-62 Mickey Suppin
Vienna 63-64 Nancy Atherton & Sam Attardo
Vienna 63-64 Alan Strom
Vienna 63-64 Bill and Sheila Tringe

We will have an early afternoon welcoming concert and reception at the IES Center in Wien on October 24, a cruise on the Danube on October 25, a walking tour inside the Ring and a dinner in Grinzing on October 26, and a magnificent chorale service at Haydn’s church next door to the original University of Vienna building on October 27. Restaurant venues for early evening meals before concerts are also being planned.

IES Vice President Roger Sheffield from headquarters in Chicago is making a special trip to Vienna to attend the reunion with us.

IES Wien alumnus and talented Vienna resident Gretl Satorius, class of 2004, will lead us on Saturday, October 26, on a walking tour of Vienna to see all our old haunts inside the Ring and more. She will also join us on the Danube cruise.

Please plan to arrive for the welcoming reception and concert at the IES Center, Palais Corbelli, Johanesgasse 7, in the early afternoon of October 24. Full details of times and places for all planned events starting October 24 through October 27 will be available on this website and at the opening reception.

Although all of this sounds like a busy schedule, the planned events still leave plenty of time to attend operas and concerts and to enjoy reminiscing with each about our wonderful experiences in Vienna 50 years ago.

And if this were not enough, we have a special and intriguing offer from Katie Strobel, Coordinator of the IES Abroad Vienna Archiving Project. She will show us items in the archival collection specifically about our year or semester at IES–old housing records, brochures, student publication of short stories, poems, drawings, etc. Over the past year, Katie has searched for, collected, and organized every little thing she could possibly find having to do with our history, and she wants to show all to us.

Katie is also eager to hear what we have to say about our time as a student and about the city in general. Especially, if anyone is willing to donate to the Archive, she would love that. This can be done by scanning then e-mailing the item to her or by physically donating something. Katie can also scan or copy the original and give back to you. The items she is looking for are brochures, booklets, photographs, Dialog, programs, basically anything having to do with IES Abroad Vienna. Katie’s email address is:

Click here for all of the details of the reunion weekend.


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