Fall 1960: Gail Reynolds Natzler recalls London to Vienna

Dear Friends,

All of this looks interesting, especially since I was on that Italian tour!

My introduction to IES came in the fall of 1960. Having been on a nationally selected synchronized swimming tour with the American Aquacade in the previous summer, I went by Eurail from Rome to London and met the IES group there.

Then Frau Doktor Benesch treated us to a grand tour of art and architecture on the way to Vienna, which may have been similar to Page Bradham’s tour, or may have differed slightly. (Editor’s note: Frau Benesch is still teaching at IES Wien! Click here to see photos of her at our reunion in Wien in 2011.)

Does anyone have the Fall 1960 itinerary?

By the way, apologies to everyone who was within hearing range of the mandolin which I tried plunking on the bus. Sorry, and thanks again for your tolerance! Still cannot play the thing!


Gail Reynolds Natzler


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