IES Wien 1960-61 50th reunion photos

Twelve thousand American college students have attended the University of Vienna through the auspices of IES since Paul Koutny, an Austrian, and Clarence Giese, an American, founded IES in 1950. Members of the class of 1960-61 held our 50th reunion in Vienna the weekend of October 21-23, 2011. This was the first-ever official reunion of an IES class in Vienna. Below are photos of the event.

1960-61 alumni enjoy student concert at IES Wien Center, Oct. 21, 2011.
IES Wien 1960-61 alumni at the student concert, IES Wien Center, Oct. 21, 2011.
Dr. Roswitha Benesch, our IES art professor and tour guide in 1961 who still teaches at IES Wien; Kaja Ciupinska, IES Wien coordinator today; Herr Paul Koutny, IES founder.
Herr Paul Koutny, IES founder, with Kaja Ciupinska in background.
Judy Tucker Earle and George Trask, two IES Wien 1960-61 alumni at the champagne reception for us at the IES Center following the student concert. George organized the reunion.
All of us together at Bastei Beisl for dinner the first evening, Friday, October 21, 2011, clockwise from left foreground: Gene Ketchum, John Piccin, Nancy Bristol Bruschke, Herr Paul Koutny and Paul Scheidecker Lowe (partially obscured), Hank Candler, George Trask, Don Kimmel, Joan Broglio Kimmel, Judy Tucker Earle, Ned Earle, Virginia Cornyn.
Entrance to 2 Karl Lueger Platz, where our school room classes were in 1961. Dr. Roswitha Benesch gave us a tour of the building Saturday morning, October 22, 2011.
Entire reunion group with Dr. Benesch at 2 Karl Lueger Platz: Don Kimmel, Joan Broglio Kimmel, Paul Scheidecker Lowe, Judy Tucker Earle, Nancy Bristol Bruschke, Ned Earle, Virginia Cornyn, Hank Candler, Gene Ketchum, Dr. Roswitha Benesch, John Piccin (missing from photo, George Trask).
George Trask, Judy Tucker Earle, Paula Lowe and Virginia Cornyn at 2 Lueger Platz classrooms, Saturday, October 22, 2011.
After visiting 2 Karl Lueger Platz, Dr. Roswitha Benesch gave us a wonderful guided walk to St. Stephen’s Cathedral, where many of us at noon attended this high mass conducted by the archbishop of Vienna.
Sunday morning, October 23, 2011, all of us attended this mass at the Jesuitenkirche, where an orchestra and large choir sang Franz Schubert’s Mass in D
Judy Tucker Earle, Paula Scheidecker Lowe, Chuck Candler and Herr Paul Koutny after mass, Sunday morning, October 23, 2011.
Paula Scheidecker Lowe, Joan Broglio Kimmel and Don Kimmel after the mass.
Last photo of all of us together, Sunday morning, October 23, 2011: Gene Ketchum, Judy Tucker Earle, Ned Earle (partially obscured), Paula Scheidecker Lowe, George Trask, Herr Paul Koutny, Nancy Bristol Bruschke, Joan Kimmel, Don Kimmel, Virginia Cornyn. Not pictured: John Piccin, who departed early to get back to the States, and Hank Candler, who took this photo.
Afterwards we walked to the new Hotel Sofitel for a farewell lunch with Herr Paul Koutny, IES founder, pictured on left above with Nancy Bristol Bruschke, Ned Earle, Judy Tucker Earle and Hank Candler.
Those of us who remained attended this concert at the Musikverein, Sunday afternoon, October 23, 2011.

In addition to the events pictured above we all had ample time to attend other concerts including Fidelio at the opera house; to get in touch with the families with whom we lived in 1960-61; to enjoy the coffee houses; and to stroll through the streets and alleys of our beautiful Vienna. We all had such a good time that we are already talking about returning to Wien for another reunion in 2013, when we hope many others in our class will join.


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