More IESers identified

Ann Foley

Ann Foley sent the following nice note the other day as she helped identify classmates in the London group photo. :

“Just heard about the reunion, and found all this information. What a delight! Thought I’d identify a few of us on the group photo. Was only able to magnify half of it so couldn’t do more: 1 Ann Foley, herself, 2 Nanci Schulson, 7 Janet Bratmuller, 15 Carol Garcia, 16 Sharon Leary. Hope to send some photos later. Ann”


Nanci Schulson

Janet Bratmuller


Carol Garcia

Sharon Leary



One thought on “More IESers identified”

  1. Super website. I am reminded of friends I had nearly forgotten. Is there a mailing list? Or an e-mail contact list for the students? Especially Fall 1960.

    Best regards,

    James L. Males, MD ( soon to retire)
    704 Capri Court, Edmond, OK 73034
    405 820 3977

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