19 Wien 1960-61 IESers look forward to 50th Reunion

Nineteen (19) stalwarts, now age 70, from the group of 213 youths who studied together at the Institute of European Studies in Vienna, Austria, during the school year 1960-61 have declared their best efforts to attend our 50th Reunion in Vienna on the weekend of October 21-23, 2011. Of those, seven (7) have said they will definitely attend and are already getting their airplane tickets and hotel reservations. Others will surely come forward to swell our reunion group, which will include not only the IES participants but also their spouses, significant others and perhaps family members and friends.

Here are the names of the folks already on our attendance list. The names with an asterisk have said they will definitely be there:

Philip Arnold

*Joan Broglio Kimmel

*Nancy Bristol Bruschke

Henry Candler

*Virginia Cornyn

Joanne Davidson

Judith Tucker Earle

Sharon Leary Huddleson

*Eugene Lee Ketchum

Penny Goodwin Kurtz

David Maraist

Kay Kramer McGinnis

John Piccin

*Sandra Sunny Henderson Reinhold

Margaret Robling

*Paula Scheidecker Lowe

Patrick Stalnaker

*George Trask

Joel Ziegler

If you are a Wien 1960-61 IESer, now is the time to add your name to the list and to make your travel plans. Please contact us by clicking here now.


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