IES Wien 1960-61 participants

Here are the names of the students who participated in the IES Wien 1960-61 sessions, based on our best effort to reconstruct the entire list. There were two groups: Full Year and Spring Semester only. IES Vienna did not retain all records from 1960-61, resulting in the IES alumni records at IES headquarters in Chicago being incomplete. So, we compiled this list from various lists furnished to participants in 1961 plus information in the IES computer at headquarters in Chicago in 2010.

We are confident this compiled list is as accurate as we can make it, but it may still contain a few inaccuracies, for which we apologize. If you find inaccuracies, please click here to let us know.

We thank especially Jennifer Jerzyk, IES Alumni Relations Officer at IES Chicago headquarters, for her assistance. Together we were able to identify participants who completed the course but were missing from the IES alumni records and participants who dropped out.

Now we need to know where all of us are today. Please click here to send current contact information (email address, street address, telephone number, etc.).

Full Year 1960-61 group:

Spring Semester 1961 group:

Compiled List – Full Year 1960-61 participants (100 names, of whom 75 completed the full year)

Lee Allen (left the program)

Dorcas Baker

Carol Basye

Irene Beckmann

Louise Blystone

Yvonne Boening

Brian Bolling

Janet Brattmiller

Nancy Bristol Bruschke

Anthony Broglio

Joan Broglio

Harry Candler (left the program)

Judith Carls

Marilyn Christenson (left the program)

William Collins (completed fall semester only)

Margene Cooke (completed fall semester only)

Virginia Cornyn

Gwendolyn Coronway

Marie Cunningham

Diana Darnall

Joanne Davidson

Marian Davidson

John De Polo

Patricia Dolvin

Elizabeth Earle (left the program)

Robert Earle Jr.

Donald Evarts

Sharon Finn

Ann Foley

Philip Foster (completed fall semester only)

Marcia Franklin

James Freeman

Warren Gade

Carol Garcia (left the program)

Gretchen Garrison

Thomas Giddens (left the program)

Michel Godreau-Robles

Lona Goodman

Penny Goodwin

Ann Harnsberger

Christopher Hetzel

Bryce Holcombe

Donald Hopkins

Julie Hunt

Susan Jolly (left the program)

Eugene Lee Ketchum

Gerda Kollman (left the program)

Kay Kramer

Tonya Kurt

Ellen Landis (left the program)

Jane Laurance (completed fall semester only)

Sharon Leary

Gregory Leiher

Susan Locke

Bert Lovitt

James Males

Caroline Mangum

Geraldine Martin

Margo Maschmeyer (left the program)

Phyllis Masek

Molly McGoldrick (left the program)

Vita Milaknis

William Moeller

Joyce Montag (left the program)

Robert Moore

Molly Morin

Anita Mary Mueller

Virginia Mulherin

Betsy Neu (left the program)

Daniel Ozelis (completed fall semester only)

Adelia Peters (completed fall semester only)

John Piccin

Janet Pietig

Erika Rack (left the program)

Ruby Reed (left the program)

Diana Reubendale (completed fall semester only)

Gail Reynolds

Margaret Robling

Linda Rothman

Susan Rumbaugh

Thomas Schackmuth

Paula Scheidecker

Nina Schneider

Nanci Schulson

Linda Sellman

David Shaw

Charles Shirkey

Harry Snavely

Amelia Lou Stevens (completed fall semester only)

Sean Thackrey

Ashley Thompson

Evan Tilley

Patricia Trevill (left the program)

Jane Vogel

Karen Walker

Virginia Webster

Patricia White

Justine Wincek

Sandra Wondries

Loretta Wright

Beverly Zbuska

Compiled List – Spring Semester 1961 Participants (114 names, of whom 107 completed the entire semester)

Karen Frances Aldinger

Carol Ann Allen

Anne Marie Alton

Philip Scott Arnold

Susan Jenifer Beatty

Arlynn Boggs

Betsy Ann Bourret

Page Howard Bradham

Margaret Claire Bremer

Anne Aileen Brown

Mary Margaret Buman

Margot Bussard

Lucinda Jayne Calkins

William Frank Cercone Jr.

Mary Jean Ciruli

Patricia Anne Clack

Katherine Mitchell Coakley

Barbara Sue Daily

Virginia Katherin Donadio

Kathleen W. Dooley

William Lent Dorr

Deborah Dana Dunnavan

Carol Eleanor Dyckes

Margaret Mary Eichelberger

William Kent Evanson

Kathlen Cyrilla Fallenstein (left the program)

Wahleah Jen Ann Faulkner

Barbara Jean Fink

John Douglas Fonte

Elizabeth Freiburger

Doris-Jean Fulkerson

Rosemary Gage

Roberta Lynn Gentner

Anne Bingham Geraghty

Mary Kay Gimmy

Sally Louise Gosline

Suzanne Hansen

Harriet Hart

Anne Louise Hassard

Charles H. Hein Jr. (left the program)

Sunny Sandra Henderson

Mary Hennes (left the program)

Barbara Anne Herbstritt

Barbara Doty Hess

Daniel Bartlett Hess

Mary Margaret Hoffman

Thomas Crawford Hoyle III

Barbara Ann Janin

Mary Karin Johansen

Carol Anne Jonah

Janice Kaufmann

Sue Keefe

Joyce Ann Kennedy

Katherine Klara Kohner

Judith Carrol Kolar

Donna Komlyn Komlyn

Kathleen Koppy Koppy

Karen Lassen Lassen

Susan Virginia Leonard

Kathleen Lucas Lucas

Susan Jean Magnuson

Marsha Keith Manatt

Evelyn Marie Manion

Patricia Ann Manley

David Victor Maraist

M. Joanne McCarthy

Loretta Elizabeth McGuire

Eric Marc Meyer

Gary E. Morrison (left the program)

Barbara Eleanor Mouch

James Palmer Neill (left the program)

Judith Ann Nelson

Charles S. Newcomb (left the program)

Theresa Delores Novosel

Patricia Louise O’Hara

Eleanor Oliver Oliver

Gertrude E. Owens

Douglas Albert Pfaff

George J. Pfeffer (left the program)

Shirley Jean Poulton

Judith Ann Pryor

Mary Rainey

Laurie Kathleen Rayburn

Brian J. Reilly

Kathleen Carroll Reilly

Carroll Rice

Mary Ellen Roggero

Carolyn Sue Rubin

Shannon Marie Rupp

Ingrid Saalfrank

Marlene J. Sagar

Erike Salditt

Mary Irene Scanlan

Mary Pauline Schmid

Susan Kay Schumaker

Judith Lee Shapiro

Suzanne Smullin

Patrick S. Stalnaker

Sheryl Kay Stevens

Jane Mary Sturtevant

Wayne Oliver Thein

Susan Ann Tiedje

George Graham Trask

Judith Burnell Tucker

Nancy Louise Turner

Heather Anne Wade

Kathleen Marie Walsh

Gail Marlene Walton

Gordon Watson Watson

Ben Wickham Jr.

John Russell Wingert

Thomas Anthony Wolf

Francis Reiling Ziegler

Joel Sanford Ziegler


6 thoughts on “Participants”

  1. I am very excited to hear of a reunion for the 1960-61 Vienna year. Of course stashed boxes of memorabilia will produce Wienerish stuff to share if I can remember where they are. And, an actual get-together of classmates who we won’t recognize — well, how can you beat that? I’m in!

  2. Christmas mail usually involves hearing from folks one hasn’t seen for a year or two but your missive on a ’61 Class Reunion really takes the cake.

    With many of us crossing the decade mark reserved only for fossils and candidates for nursing homes, I was shocked one would care about any of us, let alone be able to resurrect information for a mailing list.

    Having given my preamble, I was delighted to know of such an event because this 7 month sojourn was one of the most impactful events of my life and I know the same can be said for many of my friends. We were among those who spent the second semester in Wien and I recall the bitter winter weather which greeted us in NY for the welcome gathering. My friend Frank Ziegler( missing from the alphabetical list you’ll note) were roomies in college and remained so in Wien but we often remark about the daily trek to the dining hall in Wien where we passed the open fish market and the local “ladies of the evening” hawking their wares right next door. Yes, each of us has many stories but overall, I was so impressed with the entire trip that my wife and I encouraged our own 2 daughters to study abroad in college and they grew immeasurably because of their experience, as did we.

    Well, there is much wood to chop between now and October.

  3. I would be interested in the folks in the Spring ’61 program. Just being updated on them and what their lives entailed.

    Where now : My wife, Marianne, and I live in San Diego where we were both born and raised.We live in happy retirement in an old S.D. neighborhood. We ended our careers with the County of San Diego and travel extensively in the U.S. and abroad. We have a small trailer and travel and camp in it as well. Our two grandkids live in Durham, NC, and we visit twice a year. Our health is good and we exercise, do yoga, read a lot and do volunteer work in our community.

  4. Didn’t hear about the reunion until my brother Anthony Broglio called me. My husband and I have returned to Vienna several times over the years and probably will come to the reunion.

  5. I think of Vienna very often. In June of
    2010, I spent 10 days in Vienna and nearby, retracking all the steps there of 50 years ago. I stayed in a reasonable pension “Suzanne” and could hear the opera every night from my window. I have all the itineraries of all the field trips sponsoned by IES as well as the Christmas time in the Holy Lands with a different tour, and the entire summer traveling with my Dad in Algeria, Tunisia, and a 2nd time to Italy, then, Scandinavia and British Isles and home on the Holland Am. line ship with Ies students. I have continued to travel since. Just back from Florida, and made the trip to Chicago this past Oct. for the All Vienna Reunion of IES. And found my Vienna roommate of ’60-’61, Margaret (Nancy) Robling, a wonderful reunion with Nancy. I am now off to Chautauqua Institution, NY for the summer, to a 6th generation cottage of my family with grandchildren. I would love to hear from classmates at
    All the best to you and to October 2011. I would love to return every year to Vienna.
    Penny Goodwin Kurtz
    p.s. My Bucket List includes back to British Isle to do the famous author and poets, and a trip to South America. I did Asia in 1989 with Australia.

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